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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Living in a really really tiny house

We downsized recently to a much smaller house, 2500 sq ft 6 bedroom down to a little 3 bedroom townhouse which we gutted and did all kinds of crazy things to make the little space feel bigger and more efficient than our previous house. We couldn't be happier, everything is better about our new house and we have a much smaller mortgage as a bonus. At some point I'll do a post with before and after shots and detail the work we did to gain enjoyment and utility while shrinking space.

Our work at simplification pails in comparison to this Hong Kong residents ultra maximization of his 350 sq ft apartment.  I love the concept, basically even in the smallest of houses you're often only occupying 1 or 2 rooms at a time which means all the floor space in the unused rooms is wasted.  Gary Chang has decided to let every room be as big as possible, by having moving walls he allows the apartments floor space to constantly be re-purposed to a virtual room.  Done sleeping, turn the space into a bathroom, done bathing and dressing turn the space into a kitchen, done eating, turn the space into a living room, ready to entertain, open the whole darn thing up and pour some drinks - way cool.

Some Photos of Gary's 25 Rooms in One
All photos by Marcel Lam for the New York Times.

A Space to Entertain
Incredible light pours in from the yellow tinted windows, with all the sections pushed in you get a nice open entertaining space. The ceiling mirrors create the illusion of a loft space which is pretty neat.  

Photo of Gary Chang's apartment with the sections closed out
 The Guts Exposed
Exposure of the panels which form the front rooms.  Very cool and beautifully executed.
Fold Out Master Bedroom
The large murphy bed and close proximity to the wall of light creates an incredibly peaceful master bedroom.  Awesome.

via Man Over Board and New York Times

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