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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Radio is Fabulous

Great music, introductions to artists you'd never consider, well selected playlists, no commercials, no commentary and free. Crazy I love such nice netizens. Thank you.

My selection of late 181.FM - Chilled.  I listen to it on my Sonos in various zones, on my Blackberry and via Winamp at my desk.  You can catch the 128kbp MP3 stream here:  It's fabulous chill/slacker music, lovely, great for working, relaxing and late night.  Plus they are religous about updating the track and artist info - again great netizens.

I had a car ride and a very noisy (10 under 4) birthday party this evening and had  to get some patent work done and I leveraged  my secret weapon to conqour what would normally be a brutal task.  I engaged my new Bose Quiet Comort 15 headphones and 181.FM for their isolation and relaxtion tastiness to bash out the starting point of the idea.  Mission accomplished.  If you want to be able to work anywhere and you can't always zone out crazy distractions these headphones are incroyable.

If you can't afford the headphones, check out the radio, it's free.

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