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Sunday, November 15, 2009

My Blender is Dead

Will Smith thought thought he had it bad when the bad guys took his blender in Enemy of the State, well let me tell you he ain't got nothing on me.  I'm going through legitimate Blender withdrawal, life is just not the same.
  • Banana espresso chocolate smoothies for breakfast -  no more
  • Yum Berry and banana with hemp protein -  forget about it
  • Avacado shakes with fresh grapefruit - not possible
  • Camu camu powder and ginger energy blast - cancelled
I literally live off my blender, 3-4 times a day every day I'm mixing up something tasty and nutritious.

Kitchen Aid Sucks
I used to think kitchen aid was synonymous with quality, man what a bunch of bullocks.  We've gone through two blenders and a hand mixer in 5 years.  I'm sorry at the price they're charging they should last a lifetime.  Maybe back in the 70s when things were made to last (my parents puke green sunbeam still works fine) you got what you paid for but now you're buying a name and not the quality its meant to represent.  Of course we registered these items with Kitchen Aid, but apparently that's for their benefit.  Without the receipt they don't care and I guess thats my bad for not realzing registering your products was only for them to send you crap (eg benefit them) and not to help you if you had issues with the product (eg benefit the consumer), I mean if I had the receipt I could just go back to the mega store I bought them at.

Commodity Strategy
One of the consequences of companies no longer building the things they sell is a move towards the items becoming commodity like in their performance and quality, one factory just different names and labels.  I imagine that the kitchen aid doesn't perform much better then the 19.99 cheapo at Walmart, but I really hate the idea of constantly throwing out blenders.  I guess my alternative is a $500 Blendtec.  Now that Erica and I have become vegetarians there is probably something to be said about a kick ass blender, but $500!!!?!!? 

This is me, on me left is a rock on my right is a hard place.  I guess we need to get snapsort revenue positive so I can blend up some nut butter in a brand new Blendtec.

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Mark Feeney said...

Let's hope this post places you high on searches for "nut butter" :)