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Monday, June 2, 2008

Spicy Financial Advice

About a week ago I fired off my blog address to some friends for feedback, the response was interesting. Some want more details, figures and links and other want me to be more simple technically and more light hearted.
I thought I'd give creating a spicy, simple yet informative financial post a shot.

Victoria's Little Secret: A Durable Business I Am Not

It's not as naughty as you probably hoped, in fact it's down right boring, You see Victoria's boss man, Limited Brands expects to sell less lingerie this year then last.

It's been claimed before that lingerie is a recession proof good, that seems silly. If you told me rice was recession proof, I'd believe you but tasselled bras and thin strips of polyester passing off as bathrobes hardly seem like non-discretionary items. Now that doesn't mean that Limited Brands can't do well, they have a strong brand going for them, but the lingerie store at my local mall seems surprisingly less durable then my gas utility. Sex is exciting, the generators at our local land fill decidedly are not. If Victoria can catch the eye of the emerging economy perhaps there are more panties to peddle. Conclusion: Victoria, like her customers is going to have to cut back. Meanwhile here's to hoping India, Brazil and China decouple and buy some fancy bras.

Your Brain can Be Your Enemy, But Lets not Go Too Far

Lets be 100% clear, lobotomies (as pictured to the left) were a medical atrocity. Fear and ridiculous moral and social notions pushed the medical establishment to rape thousands of their souls through the removal of a portion of their brain. The quant funds tried to remove the brains of their managers and replace them with a computer, that also ended badly. You need your brain, but you need to protect yourself from all those crazy things humans do. Your brain is a beautiful thing, take care of it and enjoy it, just don't let it ruin your future. Conclusion: Get disciplined and knowledgeable or get an adviser who will do that for you.

Deserving or not I'm figuring my visuals of teen camp horor fame give this post extra legs.

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