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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

First Post!

The inaugural first post, but with a viewership of none I suppose I can do away with the pressure and pontification. I'm creating this blog as a place to lay out my thoughts. Investing, entrepreneurship, economics, business theory and random observations of life should do.

Last night was interesting: i cracked open my much anticipated Berkshire Hathaway annual report and consumed it's contents like a giddy child on Christmas morning. Berkshire, more Buffet and Munger, are rare islands of sanity in this world, a deposit of common sense so concentrated and rich you feel almost guilty being near it, as if you've stolen a sports almanac from the future and sent it back to yourself in time. Seeing simplicity in action when the world is so full of obtuse complexity and basic foolishness is refreshing indeed.

If you aren't following what is happening in the world financial markets you do so at your own folly, the world is sick right now, dangerously sick. Most of the world economies have been drinking their own Kool Aid. Imagine a world drunk on cheap credit, with some of the most aggressive and narcissistic policy decisions up and down the government and corporate ladder and you'll find yourself right here, right now.

As I look to manage these issues for my family, friends and clients I enjoy reading the calm words of a man who's seen the big picture so very well for so very long, thanks Warren, see you in Omaha!

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